Monday, April 15, 2013

Coyote Gulch II

1.104 Coyote Gulch II. Usually when a painting is going this badly I will leave it unfinished, but I really believed that something good was going to materialize up until the very end. When I painted the shaded shrubs in the foreground and they just showed up flat on the canvas I realized that it was really beyond help. I'd guess that one of the reasons for this failure is the color palette. The colors can be used to suggest the depth of each feature in the field of the painting, but the purple features look so much farther forward than the grey shadows of the background. Also, once again, and I'm still cringing from last time (teardrop arch), I invented shadows where there were none in an attempt to create interest in the top of the painting. This gives the whole thing a frame-like look which is painfully cheesy. I thought that the shape of the sky seen through the arch would be interesting enough to make a great painting, but I made it too symmetrical and boring. I think that this is an interesting subject. I just need to be more confident in the strength of the open spaces and not clutter them up with contrived details. 

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