Saturday, January 5, 2013

Paul Bunyan Arch II

1.86 Paul Bunyan Arch II. The first painting that I did of this arch is one of my favorites. The noon lighting and sharp edged shapes lend themselves to the kind of depiction I was striving for. It was one of the first times where I was consciously trying to treat the shadows as an arrangement of shapes and altering my depiction to create shapes that I thought were pleasing.
I wanted to revisit this arch to try a different approach. The original painting used a lot of blending to hint at what was foreground and background and to depict the glow of reflected light on the underside of the arch. Here, I'm trying to create that same depth using only blocks of solid color. Looking back at the original, I think I've fallen short in this regard. However, I think that the colors in this version are more pleasant. The challenge is to approach as nearly as possible the understanding of the scene that one would receive from standing in front of the actual arch. I think that depth is crucial to this and I will have to continue to work to find a way to depict depth in this style.

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  1. Your compositions are very intriguing and your use of negative and positive shapes is very impressive. Superb work.