Friday, January 25, 2013

Monitor and Merrimack

1.89 Monitor and Merrimack. After finishing the painting of Antelope Canyon on a huge canvas, I decided to do one more on a tiny 12x16 canvas. I used the same wet on wet style here that I used previously, but tried to learn how to control it a little better and create the contrast the I want to convey in my paintings. 

I'm trying to be less careful with my paintings; to work quickly and see what results rather than carefully planning each step, practicing each stroke with my brush hovering over the canvas. I've treated every painting as an important work; thinking about how it fits in with my previous work and how it will look when I post it on this blog. I decided a long time ago that I would post any painting that I finished even if I hated it because I felt that it might be helpful to other aspiring painters who happened upon this blog to see the up and down process that one goes through in creating art. The problem is that I always play it safe when working on a painting; I don't want to create something so horrible that I'll be ashamed to see it on my website. Going forward I'm going to try to ignore my instinct to cling to the familiar, safe choices and paint exactly as I feel.

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