Saturday, November 10, 2012

Delicate Arch II

1.76 Delicate Arch II. I've painted over this canvas more times than any other. On three separate occasions, the first being immediately after completing my first painting, I've tried to paint this scene. So this has been sitting half finished for almost 4 years now. Watching the sun rise sitting on this cliff across from delicate arch is one of my favorite memories from my visits to Arches NP. I sat for 3 hours in the cold watching the shadows change and move across the cliffs and fins. However, this painting shows a sunset! I've been trying all this time to capture what I found so amazing about the sunrise but just couldn't find a way to translate it into a painting in the style that I wanted. Sunset casts a lot more of the canyon into shade and makes for a lot of interesting interaction between the large fins in the foreground. I may try again to depict this scene at sunrise, but for now it feels good to no longer have this half finished canvas propped up in my hallway.

1 comment:

  1. 1.76 Delicate Arch II is amazing. I’d be honored to hang any of your work in my house but 1.76 is like nothing I’ve seen. When an artists piece stops me from continuing to look at other work you have accomplished what I set out to do with my work. I love color, bright color, that is what makes living near eastern Utah so great but then you paint something with a lack of bright color and it catches my eye. Nicely done. Mike Bachman. Grand Junction, CO. whiteskullstudio.weebly