Friday, December 30, 2011

Grand Canyon

1.60 Grand Canyon. Painting progression. Finally! I am able to use shadows in a way that creates a sense of scale and three dimensional space. I really enjoy the Grand Canyon at sunset as a subject. If you squint at it, the shady areas go black and the areas still lit by the setting sun seem to be floating, detached.

I took a much more realistic approach to the clouds this time, which was a lot of fun but seems to be from a different painting than the shadow and stone. I first tried to complete this painting with a more limited palette but was not satisfied and had to go back, adding color and detail. I like to avoid detail and will try to limit the amount included next time I choose this subject.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cathedral Valley

1.59 Cathedral Valley. Painting progression. The clouds that came out so easily earlier were difficult to create this time. I also had a hard time finding something interesting to show in the shadows. I try to avoid painting too many small sections of shadow because I think it breaks up the shape of the stone like camouflage and undermines the sense of scale that I'm trying to convey. Here I tried to merge some sections of shade together but created some shapes that don't make three dimensional sense, most noticeably in the big shadow on the stone left of center. The shadow appears to be in front of the stone! Not nestled into a deep recess.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lake Powell

1.58 Lake Powell. Painting progression. Painting Lake Powell, I always feel very conflicted. I want to show the beauty of what used to be Glen Canyon, but I also want to make a statement about what has become of it since the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam. What I really want to create is an incomplete landscape, like Pompeii buried beneath volcanic ash. However, as with my last attempt at making a commentary on the impact of the glen canyon dam, this one is not visually compelling.