Saturday, November 19, 2011

Arches NP

1.54 Arches NP. Painting Progression. What a difference a new brush makes. I have a habit of working with a brush until the bristles are frayed an bent in every direction and the base has hardened with paint that never got cleaned out completely. I feel like it makes the pattern produced by the brush stroke more random and lends itself well to creating an interesting texture. Alas as I was trying to scratch the clouds into the background of this painting with a brush that worked more like a dirty palette knife I decided it was time for a new brush. Thrilled with the renewed freedom of a flexible brush, I flipped the brush back and forth and swept white paint across the sky to form my clouds. I kind of like them. I was trying to remember my lessons from the last painting of monument valley; trying to keep the shapes simple. I managed to do this pretty well in the distant background but started to get a little more detailed in the foreground. What I like most about this is the perspective. To me it captures the feeling of standing before these massive standing sheets of stone.

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