Saturday, August 20, 2011

Horseshoe Bend

1.44 Horseshoe Bend. Painting progression. This painting was started before two most recently posted ones. I'm almost never able to return to a painting that I've spend a long time away from to finish it. This one was so close though, with only 30 minutes of work left so I buckled down and did it this morning. I was trying to imply extreme distance with the shift to a greyish purple in the far background. As I had imagined it before I started, I would have liked to make the transition from purple to red more subtle. Instead I cheated and hid the intermediate ground behind swollen rocks. I didn't mean to do this and from up close when the paint was wet it looked more blended. I'll have to try this again. I also tried to show sand in the shallow water near the river bank with a wash of the color I was using for the bank. I wanted this to fade into the blue but instead it stops abruptly making it look more like a reflection. Maybe if I try this while the blue of the river is still wet it may fade in more convincingly. I'm not sure why I've been stuck on paintings with water lately but it is nice to be able to inject a little more color.

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