Friday, August 12, 2011

White House Ruins III

1.42 White House Ruins III. So I dropped the brush while working on this painting and it left a black streak down the middle of the canvas. I quickly tried to wipe as much of the paint off as I could with my hand. Seeing that this only smudged the paint I reached down and grabbed some yellow, brown and white on my fingertips and started rubbing the paint into the canvas trying to blend this blemished area back into the background. 30 minutes later I had redone most of the color in the painting using my fingertips and the palm of my hand. I then started grabbing handfuls of black paint and scratching the shadows into the color.

With a brush is it difficult to create a natural looking mass of color without some pattern emerging due to the shape of the brush used. Fingers are infinitely variable and much easier to manipulate at different angles than a brush.

This subject is one that I've revisited twice now. Each time I've painted this scene it has come out very differently than the other paintings that have been working on immediately before. I think it is because the canyon wall is very open to interpretation. As long as the titular ruins are recognizable, the rest can be abstract. I don't think I'm going to toss out my brushes and devote myself to finger painting, but this was a fun unexpected detour.

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