Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunrise Arch

Painting 1.37 Sunrise Arch. I realize this looks almost identical to the last painting I posted. This one sat on the easel for a long time while I was distracted by work, travel and home repairs. The longer it sat there, the more I scrutinized bits of it until I ended up having to repaint most of it to correct little errors that I noticed. I finally got back on track this week and generated some positive momentum with some changes in the positions of some shadows. With my interest in the painting rekindled after 2 months away I knocked the rest out quickly.

Another trend that I've been noticing is that I usually like the right sides of my paintings more than the left. I wonder if I spend more time on the right side because it is easier for me to work on, being right handed. I often procrastinate filling in the left side to the point that I lose track of the overall shape of stone I was trying to convey. I try not to just paint the shadows as if they are dark patterns on the stone, but as clues to the viewer about the form of the stone.

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