Friday, December 3, 2010

Window Rock

Painting 1.36 Window Rock. I feel like this painting really boils the desert landscape down to what I really love about it: beautifully colored stone and sharp, contrasty shadows. The shadows were the real subject of this painting though. I first painted the sky in plain blue with a slight gradient to white and then covered that with the patchy color of whitish sandstone, only slightly acknowledging which areas needed to be darker or lighter. This was all done in an evening. The next two days were spent filling in the shadows, making sure not to miss any important shapes that would hopefully give the picture some dimension.

I feel like this is approaching the type of abstraction that I had hoped for when I started painting this type of landscape. It was also very reminiscent of one of my favorite paintings #1.9 which I might try to redo now that I've gotten more experience. I also discovered how important it is to focus tightly on your subject. I originally started this painting on a wide canvas with the actual arch taking up a much smaller portion of the frame. This composition seemed bland to me so I tightened up the focus on the arch and chose a vertical orientation and was much happier with the results.

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