Monday, November 29, 2010

Spiderweb Arch

Painting 1.34 Spiderweb Arch. This one almost felt routine, so it must be time to try something new. My goal has always been to work towards an abstraction of the landscape that I'm trying to depict. I want the paintings to be simple and to evoke things like sunlight and shadows, blue skies and red rock. In this painting that was almost taken too far in that there is no middle tone on the rock. When looking at these formations in person, you'll notice that the shady areas sometimes glow with warm light reflected from the surrounding sandstone. The reflected light can't reach everywhere so there are then shadows within shadows. So my two goals for the next painting are this: warm reflected light and something else new that I haven't tried to depict in a painting yet. If these paintings are going to become abstract it will be because I can develop a shorthand for showing what I have seen, but I need to feel confident with a literal depiction first.

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