Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The White House Ruins 2

Painting 1.22, The White House Ruins in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. I decided to revisit the subject of one of the first paintings I ever completed. I had changed the style of my painting a lot in the intervening time and had always wanted to better convey what I loved so much about this cliff dwelling. The most interesting pictures of this location are taken from the canyon floor. Only at that angle do you realize how the canyon wall extends out of the ruins then curves upward toward the rim. Desert varnish is plentiful at the rim and strips down the canyon wall towards the gap where the Anasazi built these structures. This gives pictures a sense of isolation as the brilliant sandstone fades to black at the top of the frame. I'm still not quite satisfied because I don't feel like there are enough hints in the shading of the rock to convey the shape of the cliff to the viewer. I also still feel like the buildings stand out too much. They are extremely old, likely made from the same stone that makes up the canyon wall and they should look like part of the canyon wall.

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