Thursday, May 6, 2010

Surprise Arch

Painting 1.21, Surprise Arch, Arches NP. I'm hesitant to post this painting because I am not very satisfied with the results. I do think that it provides an excellent example of how taking too much time off between starting and finishing a painting can have a negative effect on your work. I had finished the last two paintings rapidly over the course of a couple days. I started this one excited to try out what I had learned from the last two. Then I went away for the weekend and by the time I got back I had forgotten most of the ideas that felt so fresh before I had left. Its kind of like a dream that is so clear right after you wake up, but fades away much faster than you expected it to. When you try to revisit it later, you realize you have no recollection.

The other problem that I encountered with this painting was the choices that I had to make about highlights and shadows. I was so sparing with the use of highlights around the edge of the painting that those areas seemed very empty when filled with a black shadow. I tried to minimize this effect with the addition of a lighter shadow layer but the parts just don't seem to fit together. I really love this location in the fiery furnace in arches national park and will definitely revisit this in a future painting.

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