Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Double Arch

Painting 1.23, Double Arch, Arches National Park. After that last painting of the white house ruins I was trying a new approach to depicting the dreaded but beautiful "desert varnish". What I tried to do here was to paint the highlights and shadows first, and then go back with a very wet brush containing some dark brown and lay down the strips of varnish over both the highlights and shadows with one stroke, darkening them both at the same time and forming a link between the two. Too often, either the shadows can look like dark shapes floating on the highlights or the highlights look like strange aberrations amidst the shadows. Having a continuous line through both reminds my eye that they are different aspects of the same object. I was especially pleased with the area in the top right.

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  1. Your work is beautiful and full of a passion for art that I can only envy and thankfully enjoy because you have shared your talent