Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Maze 2

Painting 1.10, Pothole arch in the maze. This painting finally forces me to deal with figuring out a way to paint desert varnish, the streaky dark clay deposits that form on the surface of wet sandstone. When I'm working, I try not to become too preoccupied with details in the landscape that I'm recreating. This is important to me because the uncluttered simplicity of the desert landscape is one of the things that draws me to painting it. However, in a picture like this, the intricate patterns created by the desert varnish provide much of the interest in the subject. The tricky thing about depicting desert varnish is that the streaks seem to be sitting on top of the sandstone while at the same time fading into it. In this painting they definitely appear to be sitting on top of the stone. In future paintings I will try to tackle this problem again with an approach that renders these features with more subtlety.

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